25th April, Barcelona, professor John Willinsky conference

                      On April 25, at 7:00 p.m., in the Prat room of the Riba of the IEC, the conference will take place The Historical Roots and Future Directions of Open Access to Learning, by the professor at Stanford University, John Willinsky, one of the most recognized creators in the international field of scientific resources in open access, being the director of the Public Knowledge Project.

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                      MCS, REMIE, BRAC, HSE, RIMCIS, REDIMAT, RASP, QRE, IJELM, RISE and IJEP will be 11 of the very first Journals indexed at WoS

                      Congratulations “Masculinities & Social Change” for your inclusion in Scopus!

                      “This is probably the leading journal in the field of “masculinities” research. The papers published here are very well-cited in the global social science literature”.

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